Cure Skin Studios

From acne to wrinkles, relaxing facials to effective chemical peels and everything in between, Cure Skin Studios is here for you.

Our Services



Facials are truly customizable. We can work with acne, rosacea, fine lines/wrinkles, dry and dull skin. Bring me your concerns and together we will work with the best products for YOU!
*Back facials are also available*



Chemical peels and chemical peel alternatives, microdermabrasion, dermaplane, Nano Skin Refiner wand, Microneedling, and Enzyme treatments.
Unsure of what’s best? Schedule a Cureiosity phone call to get you pointed in the right direction.



Head to toe and everything in between. Brazilians excluded.

About me

Hi! I’m Danica. I am a licensed esthetician since 2016 and I love working in this ever-changing skincare industry. I suffered from horrible cystic acne as a teen and I remember the impact it had on my life. Being that the skin is the body’s largest organ, and one of the first things people notice, let’s work together to get you the skin you deserve. Cure Skin Studios is here for you!

My Approach

Working towards your skin goals is truly a team effort. The first step is for you to explain all of your skin needs, wants, and concerns. Then we establish a protocol for appointments and for your skincare routine to maintain at home.

Your Skin Care Journey Awaits

 Skin goals can seem daunting, time consuming, and expensive, but it doesnt have to be. With great professional treatments, awesome products, and an easy-to-follow protocol, your dream skin isn’t an unattainable goal. It’s within reach, and Cure will help you get there!