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Completely customizable to treat skin conditions from acne to deep wrinkles. Enjoy a treatment that consists of a deep cleanse, exfoliations, steam, massage of shoulders, decollate, arms, legs and feet compressions, and a nourishing mask. Whether you want to work on correcting acneic skin or minimizing fine lines and wrinkles or simple want to pamper yourself, Cure has the best treatment for you.

60 Minutes
No Downtime


This technology is second to none! Microneedling creates micro injuries to the skin while stimulating the skin’s natural ability to heal itself and increase collagen and elastin production. This encourages the body’s ability to regrow and repair the skin leaving it rejuvenated and revived.

This offers major benefits for anyone looking to see drastic results.

No contamination of needles, fast treatment time, minimal downtime, little to no discomfort.

45 – 60 Minutes
Minimal downtime


Manual form of exfoliation by using a medical grade blade to gently skim off dead skin and vellus hair (peach fuzz) and improves product efficacy by penetrating deeper into the skin and relieving dry, rough/coarse skin, sun damage, fine lines, and wrinkles.

45 Minutes
No Downtime

Chemical Peels

Chemical solution method of exfoliation to peel away any imperfections of the epidermis. We offer gentle to deep and effective peels to work with any skin type and concern. Downtime is determined upon the strength of the peel.



30 – 40 Minutes
3 – 7 Day Peeling Downtime

Nano Skin Refiner Wand

A treatment designed to greatly improve the skin’s texture and tone, fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and surface scars. The Nano uses tiny micro-needles that create micro-channels in the skin.  This process stimulates your skin’s natural ability to heal itself and, through the process, encourages the growth of collagen and elastin. It also allows for fast absorption and efficacy of your products. 

Safe for all skin types!

60 Minutes
3 – 5 Day Downtime

Enzymes & Chemical Peel Alternatives

Not sure you’re ready for a chemical peel or dont have the time for any “downtime” then an enzyme treatment as well as the SWiCH and OxygenRx are perfect for you!

*Details below*

The enzyme treatments are created as a gentle but still very effective alternative to chemical peels. Enzymes treatments safely bring immediate radiance and clarity to the skin by releasing dead skin cells and surface debris. These treatments can be performed on all skin types!

*Details below*

Swich treatments have all of the benefits of a chemical peel with out any downtown! This unique alternative provides an immediate boost to the look and feel of your skin.
*activates the body’s natural repair and renewal system
*promotes healing and immune defense.
*increases energy production in dermal and epidermal cells.
*safe and gentle
Oxygen is generated at optimal levels in the skin to provide maximum benefits and help replace the ruddy look associated with acne and rosacea resulting in brighter skin.
Great for acneic and rosacea clients
*Germicidal action to eliminate P. acne bacteria
*Bleaching by oxidation lights and brightens skin
*Reduces the appearance of rosacea
*Effectively increases nutrient transport to the skin.

Wax Services

Wax and hair removal services including Eyebrows, Lip, Nostrils, Arms, Armpits, Legs, Bikini, Back.

15 – 45 Minutes

Eyebrows $25

Nostrils $15

Lip $15

Under Arm $25

Full Arm $50

Half Arm $30

Full Leg: $70

Half Leg: $40

Bikini: $40

Back: $80

Lash and Brow Lifts & Tints

A lash lift is a solution-based “perm” for your lashes that offers eye-popping results by creating a natural curl and lift to your own natural lashes showing their full length.

15 – 45 Minutes
Brow tint:$ 30
Combo brow wax & tint: $40
Lash lift: $50
Lash lift & tint: $65

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